Joint-Venture Equity Partners

The JV Equity Partner Program offers larger individual and  fund investors a broad range of benefits, including:

  • Improved access to deal flow: the opportunity to invest with a variety of new managers (sponsors), including operators, developers and other firms that may not have traditionally accessed capital from fund investors
  • Portfolio Diversification: the opportunity to invest with a variety of experienced operators, assets, and geographies for a truly diversified portfolio
  • Mitigation of risks: the unique opportunity to be invested across multiple platforms
  • Favorable risk-adjusted returns: the potential to earn increased compensation over the real estate return
  • Opportunity to create proprietary relationships: the opportunity to invest in one or more future investments of pipeline opportunities
  • More efficient allocation of capital: the opportunity to develop business relationships with New Managers, which has the potential to eventually reduce or eliminate fees and promotes paid to intermediaries
  • Active Decision Making Participation: As a joint venture investor you reserve the right to have an active say in the bigger picture decisions that affect an investment through the real estate market cycle